The BRP ColourFULL Repertoire List

The Band Room Podcast has officially taken the ColourFULL Music pledge! This means that we are committed to prioritizing cultural, generational, and gender diversity in the guests we invite on our podcast. We will encourage our community to consider taking the pledge as well. 

This list is a selection of ColourFULL band repertoire by composers who have been guests on the Band Room Podcast. We hope this will be useful for ensemble directors looking to diversify their programming and learn about living composers. When possible, we’ve included pieces from multiple grade levels. Be sure to also listen to our interview with each composer!

Learn more about ColourFULL Music and the ColourFULL Initiative by clicking on the image below!

Guest Composers ColourFULL Repertoire List




Jodie Blackshaw

Beginner Band: Earthshine 


Intermediate Band: Terpsichorean Dances 


Advanced Band: Peace Dancer 


Listen to Jodie on BRP 


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Kevin Day
Beginning Band: Ember Skies

Intermediate Band: Rocketship!

Advanced Band: Havana

Listen to Kevin on BRP

Kevin Day Episode Graphic.png

JoAnne Harris
Intermediate Band: The Lighthouse

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Elizabeth Raum
Beginning Band: Prelude

Intermediate Band: Sodbuster

Advanced Band: Echoes of Fort San

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Giovanni Santos
Beginning (ish) Band: Rattlesnake Blues

Intermediate Band: Joy Is A Bird

Advanced Band: Fanarria

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Alex Shapiro
Beginning Band: Rock Music

Intermediate Band: Tight Squeeze

Advanced: Suspended
Symphony for Winds, Percussion, and Pre-recorded Soundscape

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Dale Trumbore
Intermediate Band: Fearless Canyon 

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