ep. 24

Gillian Mackay

We welcome back Dr. Gillian MacKay of the University of Toronto. Dylan and Gillian talk about how she’s been keeping her creative self during the pandemic, conducting pedagogy and how meditation has helped help her as a teacher and conductor. We also speak about addressing our privilege/biases as conductors and how we can continue to make our classrooms and rehearsals more representative of the diverse community we live in.

ep. 20

Peter gallant

Dylan sits down with a pivotal person in his life, his junior high band teacher, Mr. Peter Gallant. Join them as they discuss Peter’s path, his 33 years as the band teacher at Summerside Intermediate, his work with technology in music education, how the word “retirement” means something very different in his busy life and much more!


This October we feature composer, Dong-In Danny Choi and his piece, Remembrance, performed by the University of British Columbia Symphonic Wind Ensemble, conducted by Lauren Visel.

ep. 17

Wendy zander mccallum

Dylan is joined in the Band Room with Dr. Wendy Zander McCallum, faculty member and Instrumental Music Specialist, at Brandon University. They discuss everything from her path to where she is, influential teachers, her full circle path back to BU, gender and the importance of keeping true to who you are as a conductor.


This September we feature composer, Chris Byman and his piece Rocket Summer, performed by the University of Manitoba Concert Band, conducted by Chris Byman.

ep. 16

ERik leung

Dylan is joined in the Band Room with Dr. Erik Leung, Director of Bands at Oregon State University. They discuss everything from his path to where he is, influential teachers, the importance of diversity in the wind band field, his position at OSO and more!


This month's featured piece is the first movement of Theresa Martin's, City of Ambition, performed by the Oregon State University, conducted by Dr. Leung.

ep. 15

Peter Meechan

Dylan sits down with composer Pete Meechan, speaking about his musical upbringing, musical influences, compositional process, life as a composer, his friendship and the impact of trumpeter Ryan Anthony, ideas to consider when planning for the fall and more! For this month’s featured repertoire, we feature the third movement of Pete’s, trumpet concerto, Renaissance of Wonder, composed for Ryan Anthony.


In honour of the memory of Ryan Anthony, please consider donating to the Ryan Anthony Foundation:

ep. 14



Join Dylan as he explores some of the problems we face as music educators in this new age of COVID-19. Most importantly, we'll be discussing solutions and mindsets to consider, hopefully giving you a little more hope heading into the Fall. We've got this, Bandies! In celebration of Pride Month, we feature Omar Thomas’s, A Mother of a Revolution!

ep. 13



Dylan is joined in the Band Room with his friend and mentor, Dr. Mark Hopkins, Professor of Music at Acadia University. They discuss everything from his "unusual" path to where he is, getting back up when you get knocked down, influential teachers, love of teaching, COVID-19 ensemble ideas for the fall and more! The music used in today’s episode was Donald Coakley’s Antiphonals, performed by the Acadia University Wind Ensemble, conducted by Dr. Hopkins.

ep. 12

Jonathan dagenais

Jonathan Dagenais is a Canadian composer, conductor, music educator and one of Dylan's favourite colleagues to work with. Jonathan sits down with Dylan to discuss his musical upbringing, musical influences, compositional process, conducting career, what he looks for as an adjudicator and much more! We also feature Jonathan's, Mouvement Frénétique as our featured piece.

ep. 11

Fostering focus & intent in performance

Dylan is going solo amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Your band can play the notes! Your band can play the rhythms! There’s even a crescendo! Now what? Join Dylan as he gives ideas to get your band playing beyond the notes on the page, improving their musicality through a mindset of focus and intent. This episode begins our new featured composer segment, this month featuring EKR Hammell.

ep. 10

Linda wharton

First episode of 2020! Join Dylan as he and Linda Wharton discuss growing up in London, Ontario, attending Western University, teaching at Central Secondary School, adjudicating, how music helped through trying times and coming full circle now teaching at Western University. 

ep. 9

jason caslor

We welcome Director of Wind Ensembles at Arizona State University, Dr. Jason Caslor to the Band Room Podcast! Join Dylan as he and Jason discuss his formative years growing up in Saskatchewan, his time at University of Saskatchewan, University of Manitoba and Arizona State University, studying with Dale Lonis and Gary Hill, his time with the Thunder Bay Symphony, Memorial University and how he made his way back to Arizona.

ep. 8

Sharon Fitzsimmins

Join Dylan as he and Sharon Fitzsimmins discuss her formative years, rebuilding a band program, her involvement in the OMEA, what adjudicators are looking for, involvement with Music Fest Canada and many words of wisdom for music educators.

ep. 7

Cait nishimura

Season 2 has begun! We welcome composer Cait Nishimura to the Band Room Podcast! Join Dylan and Cait as they discuss her formative years, finding her path as a musician, her compositional process, fighting self-doubt and why she does what she does.

ep. 6


The Band Room is back after a long break! In Ep. 6 Dylan brings you music of Migration, featuring works inspired by travel in some way. Works by David Maslanka, Kelly-Marie Murphy and Adam Schoenberg show us the different forms migration might take. This episode features performances by the Texas A&M University Wind Symphony and Dr. Timothy B. Rhea, The Hannaford Street Silver Band with Alain Trudel and the University of Texas Wind Ensemble with Jerry Junkin.

ep. 5

Be the best musician you can be

We welcome Dr. Gillian MacKay from the University of Toronto to The Band Room. Dylan & Dr. MacKay discuss her journey to become a conductor and the balancing act of  being a musician and a conductor. 

ep. 4

Don't mess with texas

This episode is dedicated to all Band Room listeners in the great band state of Texas. Join Dylan in an episode entitled, Don't Mess With Texas, as he explores wind music of Texas, with works by Kevin Puts, Scott McAllister and Donald Grantham.

ep. 3

sounds of summer

Dylan is not quite ready for summer to be over, so join him as he explores the Sounds of Summer! With works inspired by the season of heat!

ep. 2

coast to coast

Enjoy the sounds of Canada, as Dylan brings you on a road trip coast to coast.

ep. 1

New beginnings

To celebrate the first episode of BRP Dylan will explore music of new beginnings. Taking you through a musical journey of  new discovery!

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