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We welcome clarinetist, educator, social media influencer and founder of the Virtual Concert Band, Laura Campbell to the Band Room Podcast LIVE! Join Dylan and Laura as they discuss all things clarinet, teaching, building your social media presence and the Virtual Concert Band. 

About Laura

Laura is a woodwind musician from Melbourne, Australia. She specializes in clarinet performance and teaching woodwinds including clarinet, saxophone and flute.   


Laura completed her Bachelor of music under clarinetist David Griffiths, and received masterclasses from musicians including Sabine Meyer and Paul Meyer. Laura has used her music experience to create her own career pathway, through becoming a woodwind teacher both privately and in schools, as well as creating a name for herself on social media under @laura_clarinetist on instagram, and launching her successful business Virtual Concert Band.   

Laura is passionate about exploring different avenues in music, to create value for young musicians, and help keep her passion alive.  Her social media presence has brought her to work with brands such as Backun, D’Addario, Legere, Soundbrenner and RatStands. She has had the pleasure of playing virtually with Corrado Giuffredi, and even making an appearance on 2 episodes of the Clarineat Podcast by Sean Perrin.  

Laura aims to bring wind musicians from around the globe together through her Virtual Concert Band endeavors, and to inspire the younger generation through her online content, and teaching.  


EKR Hammell | Skyline (BRP Theme Music)

University of Toronto Wind Ensemble, Dr. Gillian MacKay - Conductor

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