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For our second BRP LIVE! Dylan caught up with return guest, composer, Cait Nishimura to chat about how she's been doing, keeping creative during a pandemic, her work with the Music Creators Academy, an upcoming Virtual Band project and our new segment...Composer Cats!

About Cait

CAIT NISHIMURA (b.1991) is a Canadian composer, songwriter, and music educator based in Toronto. Known for writing melody-driven, programmatic music, Cait has quickly established herself as a prominent voice in the concert band community. With influences from minimalism and pop music, her work is full of simple yet lush harmonies, and themes that linger in listeners’ minds. A lifelong nature-lover, she draws inspiration from the beauty of the natural world and aims to transport listeners to the landscapes she writes about.


Cait’s music has become increasingly popular among middle and high school music programs, and new works are regularly commissioned by ensembles and individuals around the world. Her music has been presented at The Midwest Clinic, MusicFest Canada, and numerous other conferences and festivals across North America. In 2019, the Ontario Band Association commissioned her work Intrinsic Light in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Ontario Music Educators Association. Her best-selling piece Chasing Sunlight was the winner of the 2017 Canadian Band Association’s composition competition. 


Cait is committed to presenting contemporary concert music that is approachable, relevant, and enjoyable for all. Before transitioning to a full-time career as a composer, she taught instrumental music and continues to prioritize and advocate for the value of music education. Cait is equally comfortable behind the pencil and on the podium, and actively seeks opportunities to connect personally with the communities for whom she writes. Her charismatic, personable nature makes her a highly sought-after guest artist in the classroom, on stage, and on screen. She is passionate about setting a positive example for future generations of musicians through her creative work, her social media presence, and her dedication to increasing awareness about mental health and environmentalism.


Cait holds undergraduate degrees in music and education from the University of Toronto, but is an advocate of people pursuing their passions regardless of their field of study. Outside of her work in the “classical” realm, Cait enjoys pushing her creative boundaries through writing and performing original pop songs, and is recording her first album. All of Cait’s concert works are self-published under Cait Nishimura Music and are distributed by Murphy Music Press, LLC. 


EKR Hammell | Skyline (BRP Theme Music)

University of Toronto Wind Ensemble, Dr. Gillian MacKay - Conductor

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Gustav Holst | Second Suite in F for Military Band, Fantasia on the "Dargason" 

Air Combat Command Heritage of American Band  



Music Creators Academy


Virtual Concert Band


Cait Nishimura’s Website

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